Christmas Elves on Strike!

"We're on strike. That's it. We are tired of working day after day with no breaks and no holidays. We are fed up with working for zero wages [...]. We, the union of Workshop Elves, refuse to make any more toys until the following demands are met:


"We need a lot of breaks, we need new clothes, we need money for the work we do, we need comfortable beds to sleep, we want fashionable clothes, we want new house"



"We want comfortably and beautiful clothes, we need holidays, we want breaks because we are tired of working, we need to sleep comfortably, we want to see our children"

Spyros A.


"We want to go on holidays, we need money to feed our children, we want bed to sleep comfortably, we want to wear our clothes, we need breaks to relax"

George St.